Acupuncture constitutes the insertion of very thin, smoothly polished, and sterilized stainless steel needles into specific locations on the surface of the human body.

Four Corners Chinese Medicine offers Acupuncture as an effective treatment for chronic health issues and acute conditions

The stimulation of these nodes, or acupoints, has an immediate effect on the sensory nervous system, and triggers a cascade of physiological activities to relieve pain, normalize nerve function, regulate organ activity, increase blood flow (vasodilation) and restore a healthy body condition.


The single most important and well-studied effect of acupuncture is as a stimulus to release natural painkillers, called enkephalins, in the central and peripheral nervous system.This functions to relieve pain in the short term and increase blood flow and tissue health in the long term.

It is thought that in chronic pain and other chronic disorders, the ability of the body to release its own enkephalins has been compromised.This is almost always associated with a decline in blood flow or oxygen and nutrient delivery to the affected tissue area.


Acupuncture therapy can improve the functional health immediately, with pain relief often occurring within seconds of needle insertion. The improvement of blood flow in the diseased area or target area is necessary for proper tissue healing, as all of the required components of tissue healing are found in the bloodstream (oxygen, nutrients, blood cells, hormones, etc.)


If you are experiencing a prolonged pain condition or are having pain that has been unresponsive to other therapies, acupuncture treatment offers a safe, reliable and reproducible method of quick pain relief. The therapy is often administered as part of a treatment plan to convert pain relief and symptom improvement into long term pain elimination and targeted health optimization.

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