While acupuncture therapy has enjoyed widespread popularity and intrigue around the globe, Chinese Herbal medicine or Chinese Herbology has been slower to gain full recognition of its value.

Since many modern pharmaceuticals have their origins in the raw material of chinese herbs, it makes sense to explore the medical system that informs and predates modern pharmacology.  


The methodology of properly prescribed and administered chinese herbal medicine provides the therapeutic benefit of medicinal substances without many of the uncomfortable and potentially harmful effects of isolated chemical pharmacology.


Unlike Western herbology, where individual herbs are often employed for singular benefits, the combination of herbs in Chinese herbal medicine allows for a comprehensive benefit, helping multiple problems and components of health concerns at once.  


The inclusion of herbs to build and strengthen the function and vitality of the human body is a unique benefit that is not predominant in Western forms of herbology.


Chinese herbal medicine has always placed emphasis on disease pattern differentiation as the model for its administration, as opposed to indiscriminate use of stimulants for weight loss or immoral collection of endangered animal species for virility.

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Herbal medicine (Chinese herbs) can treat chronic pain, IBS, headaches, GI issues, mental health conditions