Restoring & Supporting Digestive Health with Microgard

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Microgard by Botanical Biohacking, now available at Four Corners Chinese Medicine

Microgard is a comprehensive formula containing botanical extracts that promote digestion, dissolve phlegm and mucus, regulate fluid metabolism, breakdown biofilm, and inhibit adverse fungal growth.

Microgard serves as a foundation formula for a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It is by far the most commonly used herb formula in the broad spectrum of herbs I personally use on a regular basis. For modern humans and Americans specifically, it provides a crucial regulatory function that starts by creating a strong, resilient, and ease filled digestive function.

The gut microbiome is now being considered as the center of the immune system. Tens of trillions of gut microbiota depend on a healthy environment to maintain their cooperative cohabitation with the human body. The herbs in Microgard are focused on supporting the landscape where these microorganisms maintain healthy, balanced populations, allowing you to thrive from head to toe.

When is Microgard an appropriate formula to use?

The overall design of this formula makes it useful for a wide range of digestive complaints. Indigestion, gas, bloating, nausea, chest fullness, and dizziness with food or drink can be improved in minutes. It can be taken anytime we eat or drink things we shouldn’t to manage the gas, bloating, heaviness, fatigue, and brain fog that often follows sweet, rich flavored food and drink.

Microgard is a must for the fullness of a Thanksgiving holiday! Keep a vial on hand while celebrating and socializing with friends and family – it will prevent the joy of celebration from hurting us the next day. Enjoy important social events knowing that you have support for your gut in your purse or back pocket.

If we eat or drink something we shouldn’t, Microgard can be taken right away. If we have a history of poor dietary habits, Microgard can be taken regularly to reverse the damage to our gut lining and microbiome.

Sometimes even “healthy” food is hard for us to digest. It seems our gut is just not pleased with us. Microgard can reverse our fortunes, and help our stomachs receive our food so that digestion and elimination normalize. Small microorganisms line our entire GI tract and play an important role in the health of the gut. Even if we take probiotics, our gut environment may not support optimal colonization of these healthy bacteria.

Microgard is great for “traveler’s sickness” and is an essential component of first aid travel kits. The macrobiome of our regular environment completely changes when we travel. Being unaccustomed to local food and drink can easily shift our gut microbiome into distress. While not replacing necessary water and food sanitation guidelines for preventing microbial infection, Microgard can nonetheless prevent and treat many common digestive upsets on the road of life, thereby allowing us more ease in blending with our hosts!

Food allergies and food sensitivities are frequently due to erosion of the epithelial lining of the GI tract with loss of healthy gap junctions. This is the “leaky gut syndrome” those with gut problems quickly learn about when researching their condition. A specific herb in Microgard, Radix Pueraria, has been shown to help heal these gap junctions, contributing to the benefit of the formula as a whole.

Mood disorders like anxiety and depression can benefit from this formula. Gut bacteria produce more dopamine and serotonin than the brain. This explains why “phlegm misting the shen (mind)” is a common TCM diagnosis in these disorders. Once the gut dysfunction is corrected, the tendency of becoming anxious and depressed is reduced. We may notice a clarity and lightness to our thoughts and feelings where foggy brain and muddled thinking, or “doom and gloom”. once predominated.

Certain types of chronic pain and chronic fatigue patterns are accompanied by weight gain, foggy brain, anxiety and depression, fluid retention, heavy, achy, and sore sensations in the body. This is often correlated with fluid retention, and “phlegm” conditions clouding the senses and disrupting neural signaling patterns in the body.

These pains are often associated with autoimmune disorders - learn more. Examples of medical diagnoses include fibromyalgia or polymyalgia, and the key features are heavy pain, fatigue, and foggy brain. Microgard is a great formula for this type of pain, and improves other expressions of abnormal fluid balance.

A healthy body needs a healthy gut and balanced microbiota, but cultivating a healthy environment for these bugs to thrive is key. Probiotics cannot establish this on their own. It is recommended that you increase fermented food intake and eat a plant based diet, including your spice rack.

Herbal extracts like Microgard provide next level botanical treatment for gut dysbiosis and a healthy microbiome.

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