Reset Your Body & Mind to Improve Productivity

Many of us are under increasing pressure to be more productive, spend less time doing more, and therefore find ourselves with a lot less leisure time. Learn how you can feel better and turn things around.

The “Durango Hustle” is real! Many of us Durangotangs work multiple jobs to make ends meet and work hard to maintain our homes and healthy lifestyles.

It’s not all lazy afternoons floating down the Animas River, taking in breathtaking views on Engineer mountain or mastering the bumps on Bull Run.

Everyone needs to find ways to stay healthy all year long, and especially during cold and flu season. Productivity is not just a matter of showing up but having a clear head and a healthy body.

Can acupuncture help? The short answer is yes!

Acupuncture has been shown repeatedly to promote the bodies normal physiological function.

By relaxing the nervous system and promoting blood circulation, stamina is increased, and mental acuity is sharpened.

My patients have heard me say that acupuncture therapy "resets" the body and mind, producing a refreshing starting point for resuming daily activities.

This may involve resetting the circadian rhythms, balancing sympathetic nervous system function (fight or flight) with parasympathetic activity (calm & relax), and recreating a healthy "homeostasis" function for the body to build on as part of a healthy lifestyle.

This type of support is imperative for all active adults who need to stay sharp, be productive, and make good use of their time.

If you are struggling to remain productive at work, distracted by aches and pains, have trouble with mental restlessness or "foggy brain" syndrome, you are losing valuable time and perhaps even money to inefficiency.

The human body will break down over time when exposed to constant or recurrent stressors. This occurs in predictable patterns that a trained provider of acupuncture can reverse, simply through the art of using acupuncture to stimulate normal physiological function, thus enabling the body to resist breakdown and maintain health.

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