What People Say

"Chronic pain is certainly a physical issue, but over time it can also re-wire one’s brain, wreaking havoc on your emotional health and social life. Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience as a sufferer of chronic low back pain for 25 years. The root cause of my pain is scoliosis. The malformed bone is impinging on nerves that serve my legs and feet. So, in addition to unrelenting back pain, I also have leg and foot neuropathy.

Over the years, I’ve sought out every remedy known to Western medicine: OTC pain killers (I took so many Advil in the 90’s that I still cannot tolerate any NSAID pain reliever), surgery, TENS stimulation, chiropractors (don’t get me started), narcotic pain medication (effective for a year or two, followed by 8 years of misery), countless physical therapists and exercise regimens which only seemed to aggravate my condition, pain support groups and talk therapy (worthless), nerve ablation, injections of steroids and numbing agents. Nothing provided lasting relief. I finally was told by the local spine clinic, as I’ve been told by countless doctors over the years, that they had nothing more to offer.

My last Ace-in-the-hole was to try acupuncture which, in my ignorance, I considered voodoo-ish. But I heard good word-of-mouth about David Konikowski’s practice from people I trusted, so I hobbled in to see him after my losing 25-year battle with pain. To my delight, I find acupuncture to be incredibly relaxing - a 45 minute office visit slips by in just a few subjective minutes. I always leave the sessions relaxed and in a calm state of mind.

Overall, my 68-year-old body was in poor condition at the start: bad circulation, allergies and a haphazard diet and never-ending back pain. Happily for me, David has a vast knowledge of Chinese herbs and nutrition which addressed my issues: Tibetan herbs for daily foot soaks helped improve my numb and stinging feet and my general circulation; a different blend of herbs for my allergies to animal dander and pollen stopped my drippy nose and scratchy throat; when I came down with a cold/cough another blend helped clear my chest congestion. I don’t get any weird voodoo vibe in all of this…David isn’t doing spooky magic. He’s applying the accumulated wisdom of the ages. He can clearly and simply articulate what he’s doing and why.


It was never in the cards that my back-pain problem would be completely solved. But I am pleased to report that the pain is more manageable now and that I can engage in daily life without constantly being aware of the stabbing ache in my back and legs. This improvement was noted after an intense schedule of twice weekly needling sessions over a period of a few months. The herbs continue to control my allergies and my foot pain issues.

Don't give up hope until you’ve spoken with David!"

— Larry B